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Photo Gifts and Novelties LCD Frames Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame

Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame Hot

Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame
Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame
Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame
Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame
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4.1 User rating
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Display Size 7"
Price 88 USD
Resolution 800x480
Brightness N/A
Memory Card Support MS, SD, CF, and xD
Dimensions 12.7 x 7.8 x 3.9 inches
Weight 3.1 pounds

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This digital photo frame from Sony is makes enjoying your photos that much easier. The frame is sleek, fitting perfectly among any decor, and your pictures are displayed in one convenient place.

The 7-inch LCD screen shows your photos vividly in 800x480 resolution, producing crisp, clear images. The digital frame is equipped with such standard features as calendar and alarm clock modes, as well as a convenient remote control. Also included is a 1 GB internal memory which can hold around 2000 images depending on the resolution of your photos.

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Good quality, a bit high in price

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Reviewed by kmdraggoo
February 07, 2010

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The Sony DPF-D72 7-Inch LCD WVGA 16:10 Photo Frame is a good buy if you are willing to spend a bit more money for it than you would on other similar products. It does have a higher picture quality and resolution: 800x480. This resolution coupled with the 7-inch screen offers you gorgeously crisp images as well as remarkably vivid color, which allows you to show off your favorite family, scenery, or other photos in stellar quality. The DPF-D72 doesn't suffer from oversaturation as some of the other Sony models do. Also, it has an additional panel over the LCD screen that has a surface luster. This panel is included to protect the LCD screen.

You have a few different options when it comes to how you want to present your images. This digital picture frame from Sony allows you to choose from showing a single image, multiple thumbnails, or a slide-show. Also, you don't have to worry too much about the way your photos will show on the digital frame, because an Auto Orientation sensor is included which senses whether your photos need to be rotated into portrait or landscape. This picture frame practically does all the work for you.

A few other spiffy features are included, like a 1 GB internal memory, and a clock/calendar display mode. Also included is a little remote control which adds to the convenience of this digital photo frame. This remote only requires one lithium ion battery, and saves you from having to fiddle with the buttons at the back of the frame.

Also, I've noticed that if you reduce the backlight level, it will last longer than if you keep it on the default setting. The screen is still bright, but the life of the backlight will last for a longer amount of time than the indicated 20,000 hours.

Something to keep in mind, too, is that if you are planing on using the internal memory to store your photos you will need a USB cord. This is not included in the package, so, you will have to buy your own. Fortunately, they are inexpensive.

As I stated before, the price is quite a bit higher than other similar products I've seen on the market. The price of this digital frame is set for just under $90. It is definitely a great product, but, if you are looking for an item that works in the same manner, only cheaper, there are other options out there for you. If, however, you don't mind paying the extra bit of green for a better resolution of 800x480, than this is the product for you.


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